Top Brand Timepieces Exhibited at Hagley Hall

30 VIP guests enjoyed a fabulous evening at Hagley Hall, where they engaged in a private viewing of Patek Philippe’s International Watch Collection. The collection consisted of over 80 watches, as well as a range of Patek Philippe’s finest jewellery including rings, earrings and cufflinks.

Guests gathered in the White Hall for a Champagne reception and were greeted by Jon Weston, Managing Director of Rudells.

Patek Philippe’s International Watch Collection showcased a wide range of luxurious timepieces including high complications and diamond set pieces, a collection not normally seen in any showroom.  The 18th century “Saloon” was a perfect backdrop for such extravagance with its Rococo style ceiling, portraits and ornate plasterwork.

A Christmas themed dinner was served in the Long Gallery with after dinner drinks served in the Saloon where guests could have a tantalizing last look as the beautiful collection.

Kate Oliver, Head of Events at Hagley Hall said, “We were thrilled that Rudells brought Patek Philippe to display their high brand watches at Hagley Hall. We felt that the venue was an ideal setting to display such beautiful items as it mirrored our brand values.  It was wonderful to see our state rooms being used exhibit such luxurious items and fine dining all in one evening. We would very much welcome Rudells and Patek Philippe back for future events”.