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A visit to Hagley Park will present your pupils with exciting and engaging opportunities to experience our nation’s cultural history first-hand, giving a true taste of the places, sights and endeavours that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.

The earliest known reference to Hagley is in the Domesday Book, although human habitation in the area reaches back much further as illustrated by the presence of an impressive Iron-age hill fort on Wychbury Hill, which is still part of a larger Hagley Estate.

Hagley’s much celebrated 350 acre 18th Century Park was adapted from a medieval deer Park when, inspired by poetry and painting, its stunning natural scenery was adorned with architectural seats and follies to give or create breathtaking views.

In its day it was visited, viewed, and reviewed to great acclaim by some of the period’s most enlightened minds. Today, having laid neglected for a century and a half, the Park is undergoing a major restoration, which will return it to its 18th Century glory.

With our future visitor centre still in the planning phase, this current transitional stage allows a unique access for visiting students to understand buildings and designed landscape through ongoing archaeology that is today still revealing new features and furthering understanding of the Park.

This fascinating historical development brings educational opportunities for all ages and across a wide range of subjects.

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