Justine & Phil

"Many of our guests have commented on how special Hagley’s staff made them feel"

From our first visit to Hagley we absolutely adored it as a venue for our wedding reception but what really made it for us was the warmth, support and obvious professionalism of the staff, even on that first appointment.

No matter how beautiful the venue (and Hagley is beautiful!) without the staff and the service to back it up you’re going to feel anxious as your wedding day approaches and, as any new bride will tell you, there will be quite enough things to worry about in the run up to a wedding without adding the reliability of your venue to the list.

We always felt that Hagley Hall were both extremely professional and supportive and, in the event, Hagley and its staff totally exceeded our expectations. A special mention to Tracey here who was amazing in the run up to our wedding and on the day itself. Also, to our caterers Morgans whose food and staff were both fantastic.

Many of our guests have commented on how special Hagley’s staff made them feel; not only have we have the most wonderful and memorable time but so have our family and friends!