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The Wedding dress

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Christmas with all its indulgences is a distant memory and with spring around the corner you are nearing your big day and naturally you will want to look your best. The key to looking fabulous in your dress is planning ahead and hopefully these few tips will help you look and feel amazing.

Getting in that dress

So you have found the perfect dress and now you want to look perfect in it. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t talk of trimming off a few pounds after all the excesses of the holiday period and we all want to look our best in the summer months even if we aren’t walking down the aisle. If you are planning to lose a dress size or two, start now. Crash dieting a few weeks before you tie the knot is not advisable for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you lose a lot a weight quickly then chances are your dress will not fit properly. Put simply, a dress that doesn’t fit properly doesn’t look good, not to mention the fact that it will drive you mad as you will constantly be hitching it up all day. Secondly, crash diets will leave you weak and lethargic not to mention grumpy which is not ideal with all the work that planning a wedding involves. Start a healthy eating campaign now and you will be amazed how this will affect your weight. Cutting out processed food and takeaways and having alcohol free days in the week will make a tremendous difference. You don’t get many occasions in your life when you get to wear something as lavish as a wedding dress and all the accoutrements so make the most of it and a little abstinence now will pay dividends in the months to come. And just think, come the honeymoon, you can eat and drink whatever you like!

Ordering your dress

If you are lucky enough to have a tailor-made dress then it should fit you perfectly but if you are buying a regular size then you need to make sure that alterations can be made. Don’t be afraid of asking to see examples of alterations so you can see the workmanship and order the dress in plenty of time so that the alterations can be done well in advance. The dress will be ordered in the size that is nearest fit and altered if required. So if you are planning to trim down tell the supplier of your intentions to lose weight so that dress size can be considered when ordering and you can book in fittings and alterations to suit your new slim line shape.

Dress fittings

When you go for fittings wear your chosen underwear to make sure it works with the dress – you don’t want VPL or bra straps on show. Take your wedding shoes or at least a pair of shoes a similar height. The last thing you want is to be tripping over the front of your dress all day or constantly hitching it up to walk. Most importantly – do move around in your dress and make sure you can sit down comfortably. If it’s a tight style remember that you will be eating so there needs to be a little room for manoeuvre!