The Boudoir

Originally the following rooms were the two principal guest apartments, the Crimson and Green Bedchambers. This was the Crimson Dressing-room but now houses the more recent family portraits. On the side tables are two fine sets of Meissen porcelain.

There is a water colour by Queen Victoria which was a gift to Sarah, Lady Lyttelton. The portraits include John Cavendish (9th Viscount) and his wife Violet Leonard, Charles John (10th Viscount) and his wife Elizabeth Makeig-Jones. Charles John was Governor General of New Zealand from 1957 to 1961. On his return to England he was made Lord Steward of the Royal household and was given the honour of becoming Chancellor of the Order of the Garter. He died in 1977 when John, the eldest of his eight children, succeeded to the title.

On the centre of the mantelpiece is a parian-ware bust of The Veiled Bride. The original was sculpted in marble by Raphael Monti for the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace 1851 and 50 copies were made at the Copeland factory for sale to the Arts and Crafts movement.